For the first time in my 4 years attending SPX, I think I can officially call the volume of stuff I bought over the course of the weekend a “haul”. There was some really neat stuff to be had at the show this year and I managed to leave my table long enough to see a lot of it.

Stuff I bought:

  • 3 prints from former teacher-of-mine and always amazing artist Toby Cypress (well, technically one of them came from the equally impressive Andrew MacLean, but it was a jam piece with Toby).
  • A copy of the new color hardcover of RASL which Jeff Smith was nice enough to draw a sketch in for me (and look, he spelled my name right!).
  • A book of action movie poster reproductions featuring Charles Bronson’s head atop various other actors’ bodies (including Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, and Mel Gibson).
  • Two really cool old school manga inspired mini-comics with great faux-vintage printing called PunchGun and Storytelling Of The Future.
  • A mini-comic that’s a mix between a romance novel, a Twitter joke, and tentacle porn called Alien Erotica.
  • An in-joke sketch cover copy of Tony Sedani’s Return To Rander #1.
  • Ramsey Beyer’s autobiographical odyssey Year One, which I wanted to buy from her last year, but she ran out of copies.

All in all, I’d say SPX 2013 was a really good show.